Medical Management Consultant

At Quadris our purpose is to provide our healthcare finance partners with a product that outperforms the industry standards in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Through our executive healthcare leaders who have extensive experience in healthcare operations, Quadris has the solutions for your challenges. We provide services that reflect integrity, quality, technology innovation, and value by being agile and dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Types of Engagements

  • Consulting
  • Extended Business Office
  • Full Outsource
  • Supplemental staffing
  • Project Assignments

Quadris Team uses a blend of virtual staffing, proprietary software, rich client diagnostics, and accountability-focused pricing to provide clients with a full range of cost-efficient A/R management, HIM, credentialing, and specialized services.

Areas of Expertise

  • Revenue Cycle Workflow Review and Optimization
  • Accounts Receivable — Hospital & Physician Groups
    • Appeals / Denial Trends
    • Payer Subject Matter Experts
    • Cash Posting / Reconciliation
    • Credit Balance
    • Pre-Bad Debt Review
    • Clearing House Edit Reconciliation
    • Clean Claim Analysis
    • Specialty AR – Workmen’s Comp, Medicaid, Hospice, Home Health, Anesthesia, Pro-fees, Ambulance, Swing Beds, CAH
    • Early Out / Self Pay
  • Project Management and Consulting
  • Revenue Integrity
    • Charge Master
    • Audits
  • EMR — System Expertise and Diversity
  • HIM
    • Coding
    • Audits
    • Coding Claim Edit Resolution
    • Consulting / Interim Management
  • Cost Reports
    • Medicare Bad Debt
    • Agency Return
    • Charity
  • Payer Enrollment
  • Management and oversight

No-Obligation Consultation

If you’re in the healthcare industry, we’d love to discuss how our unique solutions can help solve your revenue challenges. Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Call 480-688-0584.