Medical Authorization and Precertification Service

Our Authorization and Precertification Services

  • Dedicated staff and account manager assigned to each project-Implementation
  • Ongoing tracking and communication
  • Insurance authorization and precertification assistance for all specialty types
  • Reduces staff burden of administrative work-more time spent with patients
  • Provides consistency and standardization in process and reduces denials and increases reimbursement
  • Authorization submission and follow-up are the priority of Quadris Team members, reducing the time to obtain approvals
  • Patient-centered staff with an emphasis on urgency and authorization timelines
  • Payer relation experts for authorization requirements, denials, and dispute/appeal escalation

Outsource Your Challenges to Us and Relax

Whether you are performing these services internally, or are dissatisfied with your current outsourced credentialing services, we can help.

Our approach is organized, collaborative, communicative, and consistent. Our service lines are performed by experienced revenue cycle professionals that are experienced with payer requirements, physician relations, and professional customer service. We establish relationships with payer contract representatives from the payers and work on behalf of you and your management teams.

What can you expect when engaging with Quadris Team?

  • Expedited engagement
  • Thorough project management including:
    • Document gathering
    • Implementation schedule
  • Timely follow up
  • Timely responses to client inquiries
  • Complete documentation
  • Professional communication with physicians, client teams, and executive management
  • Organized tracking and reporting

No-Obligation Consultation

If you’re in the healthcare industry, we’d love to discuss how our unique solutions can help solve your revenue challenges. Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Call 480-688-0584.