Medical Billing, Coding and Auditing Service

Maximize Your Revenue with Medical Billing & Coding Audits

The Quadris Team has the experience to monitor, identify and rectify critical medical billing and coding errors that can lead to potential revenue loss and compliance issues. Studies show that healthcare organizations lose billions of dollars every month due to coding errors. So medical billing and coding shouldn’t be taken lightly. A comprehensive medical billing and coding audit of your claim denials can identify where and why you’re losing revenue. And an audit can protect you against false claims and compliance problems. When it comes to Medicare, the clean submissions approach results in quick reimbursements. For modern value-based healthcare organizations, audits will help to increase profits and avoid costly mistakes while reporting.

We Identify Compliance Issues That Can Impact Your Bottom Line

  • Identify Areas of Under-Coding or Over-Coding
  • Protect You Against Fraudulent Billing
  • Identify Outdated Procedure Codes
  • Catch Potential Compliance Errors
  • Preserve Your Reputation and High Level of Patient Care

Know Exactly Where You Are Losing Revenue

Audits not only find billing problems but prevent them from being repeated. Whether you lack compliance with the latest rules or are making common billing mistakes, the collective cost and effect can harm your bottom line and reputation. Ignorance is a liability so don’t ignore even a single claim denial. Common billing errors can lead to revenue losses and more serious compliance issues. Our expert medical billing and coding audits will reveal issues, help you avoid repeat occurrences, and increase the profitability of your practice.

Why You Need an Experienced Auditing Partner

Medical billing & coding audits are a preventative measure to catch potential compliance errors that could result in liabilities or investigations. These compliance-related issues can also impact your bottom line, your organization’s reputation, and most importantly, the level of care you deliver to your patients. Successful healthcare organizations and practices know they must implement an efficient system to identify errors in billing and coding. Partnering with an experienced auditing service, like The Quadris Team, can produce measurable improvements.

No-Obligation Consultation

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